CP Ventrilo Server Fee Due 2008-12-29 - use ClanPay

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I just got notice that the vent server account is unpaid. There is no autopay set up, but anyone who wants to can do so via the "ClanPay" link...


... if you want to keep the account alive, use the link and pitch in.


  • The link seems to be dead for me... being out of town I have not used vent the past several days but I have been told the server is down. Any update on the balance due or a fixed link?
  • Didn't we pay way more than was due last time? I seem to remember we had a fairly large credit.
  • Hails all, the vent server account expired. Here's what happened...

    I received several "your account balance is due, if you don't pay it'll expire" messages from gameservers.com, but they got stuck in my spam filter. I only realized there was an issue when I ran into Deac on CPHL, and then went and checked my spam filter. Sure enough, they totally closed the account, so it's dead.

    Sorry about that, but I thought you guys were all over it with the "ClanPay" link thing. I'd also given someone the admin info for the account as well, but its been over a year... I suggest that you set one up again from scratch. I haven't used Vent for over a year anyway, so it would be better if someone who does more regularly be the account poo-bah.

    I apologize for your gaming chat interruption.
  • probably should kill the sticky post about "We Have A Vent Server!" too...
  • OK, BC thanks for the update.
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