Demigod on sale on impulse

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Demigod just went on sale on impulse - $10

This is a good price and the timing is great. Every Tuesday night (10PM - 1AM EST) you will find Falken and myself playing online. It would be great to have a few Clan Plaid to play with. Let us know if you have bought the game, your login, and if we should be looking for you.

We can play games with up to 10 people so the more the merrier.


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    I'll pick it up.. though I don't really understand it yet.

    and I may be free during that time frame, if I am I will try to ping one of you on HL perhaps?
  • Sounds like as good a plan as any....
  • Okay, I bought it. I'm going to try it out when I get some time, hopefully today or tomorrow, and I'll try to see you guys on Tuesday.
  • Awesome - I would suggest playing several tournaments so that you get a feel for the demigods, their abilities, and the equipment/upgrades you can buy. The tournaments are challenging but still much easier than in a human game.
  • got a copy of it too, still trying to build up achievement points in single player games to get the best artifact thingies... not sure which ones i will want yet
  • When in doubt get blood of the fallen. Others are useful on a case by case basis.
  • So we need one more so that we can have some good 3 v 3 CP games
  • I've started a tournament still trying to get the hang of it all
  • Yeah, I started on easy (embarassing) and had no trouble winning a tournament as The Beast. Seems like his melee supremacy makes him fairly easy to play, if uncomplicated. I had a lot of trouble winning a 1 v 1 though because, with no tutorial, I had *no idea* you could upgrade the creeps/units you auto-generate. Makes me wonder what other obvious things I'm missing. I imagine playing with people will reveal those things rather quickly. ;)

    It's a fun little game. Reminds me a bit of, hmm, 'Salvation'? or something. That old game where you ran around a landscape generating critters at your side and collecting resources. Demi has more flexibility and much better maps, but it's a similar mechanic.
  • There are a lot of features that are undocumented when you buy the game off the web. Going to the citadel and upgrading your units/team is one. Buying favor items is another (click on the right most circular icon on the action bar at the bottom of the screen). These fall into strategic decisions that you and your team can make. There are also a host of tactical nuances that you can only learn by playing online. Its also worth looking at the demiwiki that has several build suggestions for the different Demis. UB (Unclean Beast) is definitely the easiest to play but since UB is almost always in play that means that you have to be as good as the other teams UB. In a tournament you don't have the issue. Once you can win a "Hard" tournament I would say you are ready for competitive online play.
  • Again - Falken and I will be online to play Demigod from 10 to midnight EST or so tonight (every Tuesday night). Hope to see everyone there.
  • Still too busy with Wedding crap. will probably be free the second tuesday in June to get on there with ya'll
  • I'm gonna try to get on tonight. Preggie wife is pissy though, so wish me luck if I'm not online.
  • Yeah, I have no idea how to find you guys, but I'm ramsesiicp as you might expect.
  • Hi Ramses and Carch and whoever else may have tried to join in, I have to apologize for not coming up with a better plan. So this is one of the bad things about Demigod - there is no lobby where everyone can meet up. Next week I will be better organized and we will try again.
  • No sweat, I haven't won a 'hard' tournament yet so I probably would've sucked. I have no trouble on normal (Can double the score of any AI player), but I can't seem to get off the ground in hard because my fellow team Demis are always a couple of levels behind me and the opponent. I have decent results with the Queen of Thorns, but the other team always seems to have Regulus and I *cannot* escape when he comes after me. Tried all the speed items and my shield buff and he just eats me alive. Once I'm dead I fall behind for good, and my team just can't support me.

    I know there's a solution I just haven't figured it out yet.
  • One option to consider is going to the demiwiki and looking for game replays. Now there are a lot of bugs with the replays but you will see examples of how people play, the items they buy, and how they fill in their skill tree. BTW - Queen of Thorns is one of the most difficult demis to play so I understand the challenge there.
  • Its Tuesday again and Falken and I are planning to play. Here is the plan - Falken and I have tried Vent and Skype and and so far we both find that Skype works better (fewer crashes unexpected loss of service). Skype has a conference call capability so we will use that. I will be logged in to skype as the_cull at about 10pm tonight. Everyone please join us.

    I have noticed a lot of noob games lately so there seems to be a lot of new players. These are excellent opportunities for new players to learn the ropes. Maybe we can all play together but including Falken and I will tend to greatly unbalance the game. We will just see how many CP's show up and what we can do.
  • Okay, I suck, I solo'd some crap but I am definitely going to catch you guys next Tuesday
  • Let's try it again tonight. Be sure to update your Demigod - a new version (bug fixes) was released today!
  • I'll be on soon to cram some single player in.
  • I have Skype but I've never used it, or at least so long ago I've forgotten how. I'll keep it up on my phone just in case I can figure it out. I'm "rosdcp".
  • Yeah, Impulse kinda sucks. I have no idea how to find your game. Since a grand total of two show up in the list I actually dunno how I can miss it. ;)
  • I've picked the game up... if you see some noob named ferrell, that's me. ;)
  • oi! hey DBO :)

    I'd love to play with you guys, i'm steadily working my way through the list of characters and getting familiar enough with them to beat a hard tournament. But tuesday nights are raid nights so I'm usually occupied till about 11:30 eastern. If there's another time you guys play let me know :)
  • OK - we will try again tonight. I will add you to my skype list Ramses. It will be hard to find Falken and I since we tend to play mid-level games. Really the only way to coordinate is outside of Demigod. I will be on Skype and will try to be on hotline though I won't have much opportunity to check that venue.

    We hope you can make it BDO and Deac
  • well... world of warcraft is down for the night so I can demigod it up at the hours you guys usually play... i'm joining random games and on hotline as i type this :)
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