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with the recent MWG over, I'm feeling the need for some more board gaming. In the past we've played some Carcassonne on Brettspielwelt ... was wondering if anyone would be interested in some ...

Power Grid

or something else. I muddled through a game of Power Grid, by turn 2 I had figured out how to do stuff. Would be best to try to arrange a time to hop on and play I would think



  • Sounds good to me!
  • I got in some power grid games last night. Again - the interface is not much fun, takes a while to figure things out, but once you're IN a game, it goes well. Played 2 4 player Power Grid games and 1 3 player Power Grid game, plus one 4 player game where one person left 2/3rds of the way through - which kills the game unless someone wanders in to take the droppers spot (kinda annoying). My final game last night was a 3 player and last place more or less 'gave' the win to the person who won... but he was doing some stupid things throughout the game.

    I'd be up for some, find me on HL or IM if interested. Have not tried other games yet.
  • I'm a little out of the loop here. Is this a website? Is it free? Is it subscription-based?
  • I suppose I could have posted a link...

    it's free. Flash - you can either play in the browser, or download the client (which I would recommend). You'll want to create an account, as I guess you need one to do some things. Look through the help links, it's a bit confusing, but it doesn't take long to figure the basic stuff.

    My login is ... ::drumroll::

  • I'm definitely going to take a look at this. Looks like clients available for all systems I care about. =)

    Have you got a day / time in mind?
  • hmmm, Tuesday and/or Thursday would work best for me (seeing that you guys probably have stuff planned over the weekend and such). I'm flexible with time, though I guess I wouldn't want it to be toooooo late since I gotta work most mornings (:
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    I'm going to take a look too. Though I have no clue how to play any of the mentioned games, but I'm always up for learning a new game. I have Volleyball on Monday and Friday night's so those are out of the question for me.
  • I don't know if the client has changed much, but this was an old trick to get it to be slightly more English (although not completely).

    Open up the Brettspielwelt.prop file and where it says

    # Multilinguale Nachrichten¸bermittlung

    make sure it's set to

    Nation = en
  • Oh, and if you'd like to play Settlers or Carcassonne, has a much better interface than Brettspielwelt... but doesn't have anything else (not counting the two single-player games they have).
  • well, to get the ball rolling, I propose that we do a board game night 2 nights a month. If it's popular, we can do it more often - if not, we can shoot for once a month.

    So... next Tuesday, November 3rd, can be our first attempt. We can try Thursday, November 19th for the second one. Let's say 8pm central, with the hope that enough people will show up early to play, and enough people will show up late to play. I would recommend that anyone who is interested go to the website, download the client, create an account, and log in. I would recommend popping in on HL and I or others can help you out if needed. Post if you have any other suggestions.
  • I love board games. I have a weekly board game night at my house on Tuesdays. I would be up for a game night on Brettspielwelt, the only challenge for me will be the time zone difference.
  • you'd have to go to bed early and get up at 4am or something to play before going into work (:
  • I'll see if l'enfant terrible will be accommodating of a tuesday evening game.
  • I'm planning on being there. How are we meeting up? We can use our guild Ventrilo server. Or does the client have nice chat room stuff? I guess I should download and install it...
  • it has typing chat stuff, and you can search for people. I actually have never used Ventrilo and would have to find my headset.

    We can organize on HL ? I'm flexible
  • I'll need to grab a HL client for Windows on my home machine...

    Might be easiest for me just to send you something in the client. I'm heading home now. Takes me about 40 minutes to walk home (yay exercise!) and then I'll grab the client and look for you on your difficult-to-remember login name... And since mine will be available when I go to make an account, you'll find me on Garumako. =)
  • are you on aol IM? if so, ttoddsnyde (no r)
  • Finally got free of the kid around 9:30 central but looked like everyone was offline. My BSW username is billdg.
  • I was so into the game when you sent me a message that I didn't notice it for about 10 minutes, I think. And by then, you were off. We actually had games going til almost midnight central. Conner, Vrag, Mori, and myself were on at various times. And you, but I missed it!
  • the interface isn't the easiest to get around with, but once you're *in* the game, it's pretty easy. Got in a dozen or so games of Dominion, I'll work on getting my headset found and ready for next time (:

    Was thinking in 2 weeks or so? Or do you think we could pull this off once a week?
  • The BSW was acting kooky on me last night. Laggy and eventually just locked up. I'm sure I was well into last place in that dominion game anyways.

    Hopefully next time it'll be a cooler game and i won't have the issues.
  • Is this on for thursday night this week? I might be able to make it. Also what's our ventrilo information?
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    Not sure. I'm committed to WoW raid on Thursdays from 6:15-8:30pm PST... I'd be happy to play after.

    As for vent:
    (see me)

    Is this forum visible to the outside world? If so, I probably shouldn't post that in there.
  • Yes, Garu, this forum is public.
  • Thanks, I wrote down the vent info so you can remove it from your post if you want.
  • I can't do this Thursday, but that doesn't mean others can't get in some games of course. Other than Thursday, name a date and time and I'll try to make it, was fun last time!
  • how does this Tuesday, tomorrow sound? Can play anytime, I'll see if I can find my headset, I have the vent info saved, though no clue as to how to use it...
  • Mori sez that he and Garu might be ready to play around 8:30-9:00 pacific... so I guess I'll hop on around then to see about getting a game or two. Would be fun to play something other than Dominion, but it's the easiest to get rolling and works well with 2, 3 or 4 players, and Power Grid for example takes a bit longer to play and not sure how well it works with 3.
  • Mori is correct. I should be able to hop on at that time. If you can get Vent going, you'll actually find us on there (for a WoW raid) and can keep tabs on us if you want.

    As for game, I'm down for anything.
  • Played some Dominion with Mori and Garu, with voice chat going on for light smack talkin' - was fun, would be more fun if more of you SLACKERS would show up (:
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