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Who knows how far away it is but it was announced officially... with a good deal of changes already announced by Blizz.

figured I'd let the CP Boards know as the WoW'ers are sometimes reclusive. Maybe I'll look into dusting off my copy when Cataclysm gets closer.


  • I thought it looked vaguely interesting at first read. At least, I thought, they weren't pimping vehicles, that has to be a good thing.

    Then I saw the emphasis on raids.

    And then I saw that they were removing most the stats from the game.

    Diablo 3 is when again? :-p
  • They're always going to emphasize raids because once you hit Max level, that's the thing that more than half of the player base gets involved in.

    As for stat removal, I'm actually thinking that's a good thing. Already, when choosing DPS gear hardcore players turn everything into a single number to pick. Now it will be easier to determine what's an upgrade and what isn't.

    Diablo 3 still looks good, though. =)
  • The whole problem with the stat thing is it isn't SUPPOSED to be easy to pick. There's supposed to be options.

    But now, and even more so in Cat, it'll just be a question of one or two numbers going slightly higher.

    I question whether the current developer team even played RPGs before WoW.
  • There really aren't options though. Most raiders that I know decide on gear choices by running something like Rawr, or using some heuristic set of numbers. They're not removing choice any more than they already have. They're just making it perhaps less tedious to make the decision of upgrade or not.

    Again, I'm not saying this is necessarily the right thing to do, but it seems in line with their notions of simplifying and expanding the usability of the game.
  • Hunter won't have mana anymore! What color will their focus or whatever bar be! I got 50 cents on purple.
  • I will have to re-up and bring characters over to your server once again and join you for the new expansion I think.
  • Yes you will.
  • Addicts.
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