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thought one place for it all might be best...

my email address is - you can find me on facebook, or AOLIM (user name ttoddsnyde) or HL (usually with the name QuadConner, account 'snyde').



  • Good idea Conner.

    AOL: themabbi
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    oops, this is just for the game ;)
  • Sure:

    email: (can't check at work)
    boardgamegeek (one of the few sites not blocked at work!): username: mikesheley
    AIM: mrwiz

    That's the simplest way. Facebook is also fine, natch.
    AIM: owlsruleall
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    AIM: tjfday
    Skype: tjfday
    CPHL (logged in twice, PM both to be sure)
  • email:
    google chat is a good way to reach me sometimes :)
    CPHL: usually logged in but frequently AFK. User name "cram"
  • Some of you may have noticed a CC on the emails I'm sending, it's my understudy Garu. Please do a reply-all so he can see your responses as well :)

    yeah, that works best.
    aim: mukow2
    steam: mukow
    XBL: Mukow CPg
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