Dipomacy Game?

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Looks like Blackbeard is ready to defend is crown, or whatever he won last time.

Who is interested?


  • lol, I'm not sure my reputation will stand the strain, but I'm always up for a game.
  • H A R !

    I am in, and I have one of my local boardgaming buddies interested as well.
  • I'm a glutton for punishment, so sure, I'll play.
  • I'll ping Ike on facebook to see if he's interested
  • Sure I'll play! Always fun to plunge a dagger into someone's back.

    Er, I mean, I am honest and always keep my word.

  • How do you play? Got a link to your official rules/guide?
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    we use an application that can be found at http://realpolitik.sourceforge.net/ for figuring out moves and such. Generally speaking, you discuss and plan out moves with the others via whatever method you want (email, HL chat, etc) and then you mail in your moves to Cauldyth - who is the game master (he's volunteered to do so again this time). He'll post the moves/saved game file whatever.

    As to how you play diplomacy, there are many websites with the ins and outs of the game. It's not too hard to get up to speed on the rules, but the game is more about the interaction between players. Here is one website that discusses rules/strategies/etc http://www.diplom.org/~diparch/resources/strategy.htm

    Our general game rules are ...

    You cannot impersonate the game master in any way (on IM, HL, Email, whatever).
    You cannot make deals that span multiple games ("I'll help you win this game if you help me win the next game")
    You cannot attempt to listen in on people IM/HL chat (Wang could if he wanted to run a packet sniffer and log all chat on HL).

    but that's about it. To win you have to convince others to help you out, which usually means creating alliances that you will most likely have to break at some point.
  • If there is room, I would be up for it, and who would want to backstab a new father? :)
  • Oh ho ho... wang working the angles already. ; )
  • Sounds like a party. I'm game.
  • Wang I would never backstab you... and I just happen to have a fetching young princess in my land if your little prince (Was it a boy?) is available for a marriage of politics between our two great (as yet unnamed) nations!
  • alright! looks like enough people to have a game
  • that it does, Blackbeard said something about starting in June sometime ...

    I'm thinking DA has not played before (chime in if this isn't the case) - perhaps we could play a couple turns on HL some evening so he can get a feel for things, though not a huge rush to do so.
  • Indeed I have not!
  • Yeah, just let me know when to get on. I think I still have a HL client around somewhere.
  • I am on vacation the next couple weeks but may be able to get on for a turn or two
  • ooh diplomacy, it's probably to late but id be interested too.
  • I don't think its too late, we are not going yet.
  • I am back from vacation and ready to go!
  • I kinda want to try this, but I'm scurred.
  • Me too garu, me too.

    On another note, Im about to tumble off the edge of the planet for 2 weeks. Certainly don't "wait up" or whatever!
  • Garu and DA, if you want, you could play as a team, we've had teams in the past, but no idea how well or how badly it worked, was never personally involved in one.
  • Have you guys even started this yet.

    Everytime I go to the boards I'm like... maybe i should have gotten involved.
  • we have not started yet, I guess we should get this rolling.

    As far as I can tell, the following people are in...

    Ramses II
    Crazy Ike
    Wang Dang Doodle

    which leaves room for one more, there was interest from (in order)
    Death's Avatar

    of which as far as I can tell, Kalli is the only one that has previously played. In the past, we've had some people team up and play together, but I've personally not done that, so I have no idea how well it worked.

    Anyway, we should probably get this thing rolling!
  • How's about we just have Kalli take country seven and the new folks can pair off with someone if they'd like to learn the game. It's pretty intimidating at first, and it would be bad to have someone get creamed early. I'll be happy to take Garu under my wing, we see each other all the time via WoW, so plotting world domination will be convenient :)
  • That sounds like a reasonable approach. Who wants me!
  • I get to be mini-Mori!
  • DA, since we're both on HL all the time, you can watch over my shoulder as I get knocked out of the game first.
  • Woohoo!

    ...you are goin down garu.
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