NEW FORUM INSTALL ==> Reset your Passwords


Yes, time marches on. Since PHP has been updated, we need new software. The way passwords are stored with the update has changed, and the passwords are all gone. So simply request a new password through the "I forgot" link and you'll be back with us.



  • Got a weird error: “Medusa not installed.” When I was editing my last post. I tried editing again but it showed me raw html code to edit. No prob for me I made the edit. But mayhaps Medusa is an html editor plugin?

  • Weird. As far as I know, Medusa isn't related the forum software. I googled, and found this:

    I haven't installed anything like that on the server. Let me know if it happens again.

  • Yep and thanks Chief!

  • Thanks Chief!!! Cheers!!!

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