Request for Staghelm CP WoW players

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Hi all,

The Cull and I have started occasionally playing free-to-play characters in the battlegrounds on Staghelm. The crippling limitations of the F2P accounts prevent us from forming a party ourselves though :( Would you guys mind spreading the word among the CP folks on Staghelm to add us as friends? Anyone with a paid account can invite us to a party and then drop out, leaving us in the party. It's the only way we can group for BGs together. We also can't message anyone unless they've added us as a friend, hence this request.

My character's name is "Yeek", the priest child of the retired "Yee". Cull's character is "Prame".



  • I'd be happy to add you and facilitate grouping whenever you're on. Hit me up on steam anytime and I can make a point of logging into wow if I'm not there. Also, if you have a battletag post it so we can add your whole account to the friends list rather than the tedious process of friending each of your characters on each of ours :D
  • I just created a battletag, Falken#1803

    Thanks Deac!
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