Guild Wars 2

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Hail Plaiddies!

Not sure if anyone checks these boards anymore, but if any of you are planning on playing Guild Wars 2 I'll be on the Jade Quarry server under the name of Vintr Hervaldr.

Hope all goes well in #CP land!




  • Well, you already know I will be there...
  • I will be there, I will shoot for Jade Quarry as well.

    I don't know either of you that well but look forward to playing with you! My name will be something with either CornMuscles or Vragak.
  • I should have noted this in my first note.

    Guild Wars account:
  • and jade quarry is full... before I made a toon on it.. sad times.
  • and got into jade quarry this morning. it's on now!
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