return of board (and card) game night

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We have so much fun with the board/card games at the gatherings, so why not try to do this when we're not gathering? We tried this in the past, but attendance was low, and it never really got going too well, but after talking with Mori and Garu at MWG, we thought it would be worthwhile to try again.

Most likely once a month. Not sure if we want to try a set night or rotate it around.

For Dominion, this site works really well, you play within a browser window and it has all the expansions and it seems to work pretty good, at least as good as BSW, better in some ways, but it is mostly text based.

For Race For The Galaxy, this location has a client you can download. You can then play locally vs the computer (the computer is *very* tough, especially when playing against 3 computer opponents), or you can sign into the server and play against others (or combination of real and computer opponents).

For other games (Power Grid, Carcassonne, Thurn and Taxis and many others), there is still BSW that can be used.

Probably some other sites for other games that I'm not aware of too.

We would probably want to all hop on voice chat to make things easier, but we can try to organize that once we have our first night set up.

Thoughts? Suggestions?


  • when i get back to the states in < 1 month I am in!
  • Random teams and captains? ;-)

    I'm probably in, relatively flexible on time.
  • My current thought is that I run this D&D game on Thursday nights... It would be a good way for me to get a break from running it once a month to have this game night in its place. Might guarantee a few extra bodies that way, too since my players would have nothing better to do and the day is likely blocked off as is. =)
  • That sounds like an excellent idea. I'm in.
  • Sounds good to me. I haven't done this in quite a while and I miss it. Kalli and I used to play Puerto Rico on BSW. I've also played Carcassonne & Settlers clones on this free site:

    It requires Java for the client but that's about it. It's much easier to use than BSW.
  • Welp, let's maybe do it tonight as a test run since the D&D thing is out?
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    I'm just sitting around, could play something more or less anytime - ping me on HL if you're interested in a game. Did you play either Dominion or Race For The Galaxy at ECG Ramses?

    -- note, I wasn't looking for something spur of the moment, I was looking more something that was planned a week or so ahead of time to attempt to get people ready to play and such.
  • S'okay, let's plan ahead then. I remember playing one of those games, the one with hexagons, but I don't remember the other one. I'm sure I can figure them out. :)
  • I'd love to do this. Pretty much whenever I'm around on HL or Steam.
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    if anyone is around this afternoon/this evening - I'm on the RFTG server, password is cape - I'll be losing to the computer until others show up (:

    -- done for now, ping me on HL if you're interested
  • I just got home Conner. Haven't got Hotline here at the moment, but if you see this in the next 60 minutes, I'll be playing RftG for about that long.
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    Talking with Mori a bit, it sounds like 'some Thursday' works best ... so let's call it the first Thursday of every month. Should be fairly safe holiday wise and such.

    So, November 4th will be the first one.

    I know there is some east coast interest (Mukow and Ramses) and then late interest too - Mori, Garu and such. What time do you guys want to get started? We should probably sort out the voice chat thing too...
  • Thursdays is soccer night for me, unfortunately. Have fun :)
  • The Thursday D&D group meets at 7:00pm Pacific, I'd say we stick with that. We know that works for all the D&D folks (Garu, Chief, Deac, Kalli, Rams, Me)

    As for voice chat, we can use the CP Ventrilo server. I don't have the address handy at the moment, but I can post it later tonight if someone hasn't already :)
  • I land in America on Thursday 4 Nov!!!! I can't wait!!!
  • perfect timing BB - I'm sure you'll be ready to join us that evening (:
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    server: (turns out this was a public post.)
    port: 3208
    pass: (turns out this was a public post.)
  • I'd say post the server/password to the private board and then if there are non-plaid that need it we can get it to them via HL or some other method.
  • another board game site

    this one has Roll Through The Ages and many games I have not heard of. Apparently you can play a game on the server and 'save' it for later, so long games can be played over several days.

    For this Thursday, perhaps we should choose a game or two to play beforehand we everyone can know what to expect and be ready if there is any software needed to download/update?

    I'm open for suggestions
  • For our first go I'd say we stick to simple stuff. Dominion and RftG since we're already familiar with those. Roll Through the Ages would be a good game for people to learn since it's so easy. A good format might be to try a new game each time and then play old standards :)
  • hmm... I'm on HL - no one else is... I guess ping me when you guys want to play (:
  • I think Mori said 7:00pm PST. I just finished with some work, and Jill likely brought me some dinner home (she should be here ina minute or two). I hope to be ready to go come 7:00pm PST.
  • well, I thought perhaps some east coasters would be interested earlier - apparently not. Not sure how long I can play as I've been up since 6am central.
  • Yikes!

    I'm coming to save you from sleep.
  • uh... ya. No east coasters apparently wanted to play. By the time I got on the vent server (I don't see the info posted anywhere) and then screwed around trying to get my headset working (never did) - it was time to call it a night for me.
  • I can get on earlier, but I don't have a whole lot of 2 hour card games in me to be perfectly honest.
  • Neither Dominion or Race For The Galaxy should take 2 hours - they should take closer to 30 minutes if everyone knows the rules. Even if they don't know the rules, it shouldn't take 2 hours (:
  • No, it shouldn't. Unfortunately the RftG game that Rams played involved 6 players, 4 of which had never played before. So yes, it was glacial :)
  • Well, this Thursday should be board game night - I'll be around early / late / whenever. Ping me on HL / FB / IM to play.
  • Sounds good. I'll get the word out to the D&D crew so we can come prepared!
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