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Anybody checking out this game? Looks like fun to me.
I'll probably get the PC version (fps with a game controller is still like doing brain surgery with my feet)

Steam's got a four pack discount going if you buy four games at once you get like $12 off each game.


  • Never heard of it. Guess I'll look it up on Steam.
  • No cashola at the moment personally, but keep us in the loop as things progress.
  • It's a post apocalyptic westernish game that reminds me of Fallout 3 but they flipped it around so it's an fps with rpg elements. I hated the combat in Fallout 3 so if this games plays like a real fps I'm all over it.
    One aspect that sounds fun is that weapons spawn as they're dropped, meaning there is a randomizing engine that makes the weapon as it drops so there will be hundreds of thousands of possible weapon combinations with unique stats.
    There's 4 character classes to choose from and you modify it with skills as you level up.
    Comes out at the end of the month I think.
    It might suck but the trailers look cool.
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    Just checked out the gameplay videos on youtube and it plays like an fps. 4 player coop looks hectic. A lot to shoot at and bullets flying everywhere. Corrosive shotguns, sniper machine pistol, fists, vehicles, yum. The graphics are weird though. It looks all hand drawn.
  • Hilarious way to advertise a video game.
    Episode 1
    Episode 2

    Oh, and the ODST commercial is the best thing I've ever seen in advertising. Heyooo!!!
  • Personally I found the videos a complete waste of time. Told me nothing about the game nor why I should buy it. Seems like an expensive exercise in self-pleasuring for the producers.
  • I own it for PS3. I am quite enjoying it. Play it with a few college buddies
  • Total combinations for weapons is either 1.3 million or 3.1 I can't remember which order the numbers go in.
  • I've been tossing up Borderlands, but the game that really has my attention right now is Uncharted 2. Unfortunately it's a Sony production so I'll never see it on my 360, but it looks to be everything I've wanted in an action game for a long time. Indiana Jones meets Prince of Persia meets awesome.
  • I've got Borderlands on my PC. Anybody else playing it?
  • So far I'm liking it. Kind of Diablo'esque where you team up and go questing and armor/mod/weapon hunting. If you loose all your health you have a few seconds to kill something and keep going or a team mate can revive you. If you don't make it you respawn at the nearest DNA replicator and you loose some money, which can really add up.
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    I have Borderlands for the PC. I like it ALOT.

    Soloed to about lvl 16 so far, been busy.
    I tried to play the 4 player Co-op, but some bug makes it very hard to join or host games.
    There is supposed to be a patch...

    EDIT: actually, they have a post on their forums about how you need to open some ports in your router to allow multiplay.
    I did it and hosted a public game for about 30 minutes. Just like in Diablo, all sorts of run-around-wanks joined the game, but it proved I made a good host.

    I'd like to try a passworded online game if anyone is up for it.
  • my login's Croaker#CP# and I host games with #CP# in the title so look for me.
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