Kingdom of Loathing

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Anyone play this? I've seen it mentioned three times today, so I think it's some kind of clever divine sign.

It's free, looks mostly hilarious, and has features for clans.


  • Zomg!

    Should we playz it?
  • mmm, Utopia all over again. :)

    Looks a bit more interesting from the Wikipedia entry though, eh.
  • I don't know from Utopia. All I'll say is this game would be fun to play solo (it's mostly a solo game), but there seems to be quite a nice community. Last night in the newbie chat channel, I was asking a few questions, and I was getting random gifts from people. It was kinda cool!

    What's everyone's character names? I know DA, ES and Ratbert all have accounts. My name is MuffinHead, natch.
  • Some dude in my neighborhood has a bunch of bumper stickers on his car that say this. I've never tried it though... I guess I could.
  • Does he have one with a meatcar on it?

    Because I just made one. A meatcar, that is.
  • Good question! As I have no idea what a meatcar looks like I'm going to go with 'no' but future revelations might prove me incorrect. ;)
  • I signed up, ConnerCP is my login, I poked around a bit, but have no clue what I'm doing (:
  • I played it once. Didn't like it. And then stopped playing it.
  • Picture of a meatcar:

    Conner: make sure to go through the tutorial on the top of Mount N00b. There's an oriole who sits at the top who will show you the ropes. What's your class?
  • MoridinCP: Level 3 Frog Director
  • I think the only classes we don't have so far is Seal Clubber and Accordion Thief. Would be good to get those in the mix so we can spread around the phat loots.
  • I have a sea clubber, I made it through the turotial on Mount Noob, poked around a bit, think I'm lvl2 or 3
  • I guess I'll make an accordion thief sometime soon...
  • Conner, one of the best places to gain stats quickly is the temple in the woods. You need to do some adventuring in the spooky forest first, which contains the required ingredients to access it (the spooky-gro fertilizer and the spooky sapling, as well as a map), although it may take a few turns repeated visits to find them all. I finally got to it today and I was gaining a stat boost per adventure. No meat, though.
  • I did an AT but only got to level 2. It's a cute game. Don't see how it's MP though
  • Oh, yeah, RamsesIICP as you might've guessed.
  • I'm not sure how MP it is, either.
  • I think I'd rather play D2 (:
  • lol, I've gotta keep an eye on my drinking, a few drunken adventures can really dump your stats. It's not an action game, that's for sure, but I found the Haiku adventure funny enough that I came back today. Still a bit on the fence.
  • Supposedly at higher levels there are encounters that you can do in groups.
  • I'll second the Hidden Temple. I'm now a level 5 Gecko Handler, huzzah!
  • I see this game as a fun 15-30 minutes a day thing. It's not going to replace Halo or WoW or any of the other games you're all playing. It's just a change of pace... which doesn't require a subscription fee :D
  • Ratbert_CP, level 5(?) Pastamancer...
  • I'm at level 7 so I can create a clan now.

    Suggestions for names and/or creedo?

    I was thinking of something maybe Myth related, and hopefully a pun (as this game thrives in them)...
  • How about...Clan Plaid?
  • Working on the meat car thing now. I've got two buff items that raise my HP and MP a substantial amount, so I don't ever see to be in danger from fighting. How do you join clans? What level do you have to be to get together?

    The guild thing for AT is cute. The game definitely has some amusing elements, if you pay attention and don't just grind them out.
  • I think it's level 5 to join (gain access to the clan area) and level 7 to create a clan. The best part is we can make a stash and toss all of our unused equipment in there for other people to use.
  • I am also currently at level 7, and just meat-smithed my Shagadelic Disco Banjo! (the legendary epic weapon for the Disco Bandit)

    For Myth-related names, "One Last Root" always works, and has a naughty double-meaning in some other English-ish-speaking countries. I'm thinking that could be the name. Following that, some random combat phrase like "Damn your eyes!" or "Make way for the dwarf!" could be a motto.

  • Mori: hoping to not be "Clan Plaid", not only because it would naturally exclude others (especially FoP, like DA), but because the current induction system is in such a shit state right now, especially since there's no end to the voting reform in sight (all the important people have gone AWOL).
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