Mech Warrior 4 Can we play online anywheres?

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Hailz! I wrapped up Fallout3 recently. (great game) and reinstalled MW4. Can it still be played online?

Could we set up a server of our Own? Does anyone feel like playing it?

I wanted a game that has ONE guy you control that doesn't run around like crazy as in most FPSers.

Fallout3 and MW4 both fit the bill.

other ideas?



  • MWL is still alive:

    There are just a lot of patches involved in getting to the current version. I don't know if I have the game installed still on my laptop or not, but I could check the next time I boot it up. I haven't played in a few months.
  • Thanks. I found that site yesterday and will explore whats needed to get online as soon as I finish the Black Knight campaign.

    Hopefully, all patches will be in some easy to access form.

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