10th Anniversary of Myth - Myth World Cup '08

Boys, I was going to stop by the CPHL to take your temperature on this, but thought that this would have a bit more tenure.

If you weren't aware - there is yet another Myth World Cup started up ; http://www.mwc08.com - and registration is still open for games that should begin in about a month or so - mid June.

Surely there are a few of you that still have an appetite for Myth, and should form a team or two for the sport of it. I'm parking myself with Ancrik - since it contains most of the few people I recognize these days. I've found (over the past few months of playing myth on mnet) that the median age of players has slipped down into the early to mid-twenties - those same teens and pre-teens we were "permablamming" on bnet.

They (for the most part) have grown into better players than most of us ever thought we were. Could be fun.


  • You'd certainly hope the guys we spent too much time avoiding (it's been so long I've forgotten any names) moved beyond Trow/Giant Krid maps and learnt how to play them after 10 years. ;)

    Fun as it'd be to jump in for a few dozen hours of nostalgic life sapping parked in front of the computer during the middle of the day, team games...ugh. FFA all the way!

    (Really, I'd be too embarrassed to show my out of touch technique to any team)

    Have fun with the World Cup Spa.
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