Guitar Hero 3

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So, any plaid (or FoP or people who look at this website) got the game? I have it in Wii, my first Guitar Hero game, some of the songs are fun, some not as much. Made my way thru career mode on Medium, and now getting close to done on Hard. Expert in general doesn't look that much tougher than hard, but some songs are going to be a doosey - that's for sure.

Wouldn't mind trying to play online, but looks like it's Wii to Wii only.


  • I have GH III and Rock Band for 360. Have been playing a lot more RB than GH however. Both are tons of fun. I think Mori also has GH for 360 but not 100%. I've gotten through maybe 5 songs on medium in GHIII but have gone through a lot more in RB, just too much fun when you have 4 people. Also since I have only 1 GH III guitar and one RB guitar, I can't do Co-op GH III yet.

    And yes you can only online platform - platform, Wii - Wii 360 - 360 and PS3 - PS3, etc
  • Yeah, I have it, but for the 360. I wasn't sure which console I was gonna pick it up for, but when I got to the store they didn't have any copies for the Wii left, so my choice got a lot easier :)
  • well, if we both make it to ECG X, we'll have to be sure to annoy everyone with our slightly better playing than last year (:
  • long as it isn't slightly worse, as that might cause significant bleeding of the ears...
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    the problem is, as you get better, you start playing hard or expert, so 'worse' is a relative subject. Is it worse to miss 10% of 500 notes on medium or 10% of 1000 notes on expert? (:

    been playing quite a bit lately, I'm getting to the point where I can 5 star most if not all the songs on medium. One song (and Lou) to go on Hard, but some of them are pretty painful to listen to currently.
  • I agree with conner. I am at the Medium -> Hard phase, and it is painful. I have maybe 3 more songs to 5-star on Medium in GH III and one to beat (96% then failed on Dragonforce on my only attempt so far) Listening to me play on Hard can be quite painful... but on medium it is very nice... like a Kenny G concert (HAAA)

    Though I have been splitting time with GH II, GH III and Rock Band. Picked all of them up at about the same time. Bought RB SE... then bought GH III with wireless guitar so I had 2 RB guitars... then EBAY'es my RB guitar and bought GH II with wired Xplorer, as no one i play with likes the RB guitars (besides me, but I can deal with the GH ones), and this way I can do Co-op with all three games. Difficulty seems to go RB -> GH II -> GH III. Which is nice for my girlfriend as she is slowly working her way through Easy mode in RB, her difficulty curve is much less.

    Hopefully I'll be able to make ECG this year... but I think that will depend on my job situation as I will still be fairly new with the company I work for.
  • We'll have Rock Band and Guitar Hero 3 at ECG curtsy of your friendly Seifer and Burnout. :)
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