Lord Valathak part II

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    Hails all.
    So far only Mori, and FC said they can come, with Garu a maybe. Thats it? Nobody else intersted in an UBRS run w/ a damm tough boss to kill in the middle?
    Monday night, starting 8:30-9 PST.
    Lemme know if you can come.

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    I'd like to go - but I'm not certain of my schedule.
    I'll probably be there - but I can't give you 100% guarantee.
    I have something going on this week, and I'm not sure what my nights will be like.
    After Thursday, I'll be back to normal.
    We do have to do this now I suppose, once TBC comes out - everyone will want to do new content.
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    and Wang!
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    Hails all. I'd like to thank everybody who helped out in this endevour. We came THIS close! Unfortunately due to two server resets...no dice.

    Next time we will get him.

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