Zul Gurub Nov 19 10pm EST ::DONE... the trolls won::

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    OK, This is the first ever Topic to try and get a Instance/Raid Group. So i'm going to try and make a semi-decent template that others can follow if they want to or not.

    Instance: Zul Gurub
    When: Nov. 19, 2005 10pm EST
    Meet: Grom Gol, Stranglethorn Vale
    Max # of People: 40
    Forced Reqs for Instance: Level 50, Part of a Raid Group
    Requirments to join: Having under your Character's name in World of Warcraft on Staghelm
    Cancelled If: We can't get into Zul Gurub. By not being a Raid of L50's

    Lets have tons of fun exploring what will hopefully be new content for all who come, together as a, hopefully, Gizmo'ed team going in and learning the dungeon for fun. No worries about death. No need to come in with potions and buffs. Let's just go in, have fun, and try to recovery our durability losses! If 3 people or all of CP come lets have a grand old time!

    Current Roster:
    Vragak, Blackcat, Garumako

    EDIT: Added requirments.
    EDIT 2: Added a (very small looking) current roster section. C'mon people, join the fun!
    Edit 3: I checked to see if I can get into ZG. Well I can. However I learned to enter ZG you must be in a Raid group and L50. So those are added as Forced Req's. C'mon we have three that means we need three more!!!
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    The only problem with that weekend is that I'll be moving to Columbus, OH on that exact day for my new job. Then I go to Missouri for Thankgiving to visit Magan's folks. Essentially I'm screwed past November 18th until I get back the Sunday after Thanksgiving.

    Feel free to do the instance without me of course, its not like plans are made and broken over the sake of one individual, but I do know I'd like to see it with you all.

    Oh, and great idea Vrag. This will be the best way to organize anything I feel. Good write-up too.
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    I'm in. Those fuking trolls are going to PAY.
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    Death to all trolls!

    Let's see if I can get from 45 to 60 in 11 days.

    Okay, I give up.
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    I'm in. Blood shall rain. Our's or their's, doesn't matter.
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