Collaborative Photo Storage?

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Ok, I have an office full of people who need a centralized iPhoto style photo storage they can all upload to, edit and tag. They're going to need something like 40-50gb of storage. And they have a mix of Mac and PC, so either a x-platform or web based app is needed. Suggestions?


  • I had the same problem in my office...we take TONS of photos of the subway system and everyone put them on their individual iPhotos, which was a mess. I wish apple would add some sort of 'iPhoto server' to OSX Server like they did with iCal & iChat.

    Anyway, I ended up making a Filemaker Pro solution...imports the pictures, auto-sizes a thumbnail, stores the full-sized graphic on our file server, and takes the user through a step-by-step tagging process. Remote offices can add and view the photos via a PHP website on the intranet.

    Filemaker handles graphics really well and you can batch import directly from cameras. It is x-plat, too.
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