RIP The Original Scruggler

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I had to pass on the fact that Mael died. This cat was the first to hold the name "Scruggler". He's been living with Hermes for several years now.

He was 14.



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    My cat, Oscar, was also 14 when he died in October, on Canadian Thanksgiving weekend. His kidneys gave out, he died in my arms. We buried him at the lake.

    I still miss his presence, checking my chair before sitting. Sleeping so there's room for him. Seeing shadows move... etc.
  • My sympathies Scruggs.

    14 is a good age for a cat. I grew up with a lot of yard cats, I don't think any of them made it to 14.
  • That is sad, but that's a good run for cat. Condolences, and hail Scruggler!
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