• heh - nice. For those of us who have not yet joined the #CP# group it is 'clan plaid'

    go go Godzilla !!!
  • with caps....Clan Plaid
  • caps, no caps seem to work. I guess I should try out this game (:
  • We used to have a udogs/FoG one... wonder where it's got to...
  • So you're going to make me pick it back up again? OK, if you insist. ;-)

    (hey zilla!)
  • I may have to look into this Tower Defense of which you all speak...
  • Sigh.. I've played this game waaaay too much lately. got up to 7,102. I'm going to have to speed up or something!
  • who's da King?

    Me! (:

    it's pretty freakin annoying when your sniper towers sit there and do NOT shoot guys heading for the exits, heh ... I could have gotten a few more points (:
  • aha! a few more points ... heh.
  • Good stuff Zilla... I never tried to be da king, that was always Freewill anyway. I'm glad to see you've had huge chunks of your time eaten by a browser game! Good stuff.
  • Thanks for the mention BC. And what the fuck is happening over in Illinois!!?@? That's some wild stuff man.
  • Business as usual for Chi-town's home state. I mean, the previous governor is *still in jail*. I wonder if Blag-off will be his cellmate?

    This is precisely why I don't vote. They're all a pack of crooks and every endorsement slips their fingers deeper into our pockets. What if we held an election and no one came? It couldn't be worse than what's already happening.
  • Well in IL if you had an election and no one came, you'd find thousands of votes had still somehow been cast by the recently dead...
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