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    As usual, patch day brings all the addon sites to their knees. This time, I was prepared.

    The day before the patch I downloaded updates of all the mods I like to use, threw in some addons I was using on the BC beta server, and manually patched a few addons that were still broken like LitheTooltipDoctor and OutfitterFu so that they would work with the new Ace libraries and Lua 5.1.

    I have compiled these addons and uploaded them for your pleasure. Most of them are based on the Ace library. There is a redundancy in that I included both Outfitter and ItemRack, but I like and use parts of both. Other stars of the collection are FuBar, Bartender3, Grid and ag_unitframes. I also included the Auctioneer suite that was made for the Burning Crusade, but I haven't tested it extensively.

    You'll be able to check out an overview of the functions of each and disable/set options of each from within the game with the eminently cool ModMenuTuFu menu on your FuBar panel.

    I'm sure everyone will find something they like (or don't). Enjoy!

    Download Here
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    I've been testing Auctioneer, alas it seems to be bringing up errors. I was able to do a scan though. You'll probably have to disable it to use the AH correctly.
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    Burning Crusade Update!

    OK, I've finally got what seems to be a stable and working collection of WoW addons for the Burning Crusade! Usual caveats apply: i like addons, I've included a lot of juicy stuff, use what you want, disable what you don't.

    Some of the addons may throw up stuff where you don't want it -- try to alt-drag it into its proper position. Most mods have a slash command to figure out how to configure.

    I like to use "DeuceCommander" -- a fubar plugin menu of all the mods config menus.

    If you install all these mods and hear a goofy gnome-like "fatality" sound, then the bugSack has caught a bug. Rather than put up an error window to block your view and interrupt your play, the bug is silently quashed. There's a fubar menu to take a look at what broke. Usually such bugs are trivial and sporadic. I think most of the mods i've included are pretty clean and bug free.


    Download Here
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