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    The most fun I've had in WoW has been running 5-man dungeons with you guys.

    With several of our members needing equipment and quests from the 5-mans, I'd like to propose a regular weekly schedule of 5-man runs. I've scheduled these around Blighted's current schedule of BWL raids, but I'd like to keep these regular weekly 5-man dungeon times, so we can continue them into the Burning Crusade 5-man content.

    Two hours should be more than enough time to do a focused run for specific quests or items. (Note that even complete BC dungeons are normally *much* faster than that). If we want to blow it out and kill everything, agree before hand to make sure everyone has time.

    MON 8-10 PM Server Time: Scholomance

    TUE 8-10 PM Server Time: Blackrock Spire (Lower for those who need it, or Upper if we can get 10 people together).

    THU 8-10 PM Server Time: Blackrock Depths (if needed for quests or smelting; alternately we could run lower level dungeons for alts that need it).

    FRI 8-10 PM Server Time: Stratholme (Live or Dead, depending on needs)

    This should help those of us who don't have even our Dungeon-1 sets put together get some decent gear in the next couple weeks.
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    BTW, check the current calendar of raids & CP 5-mans here:
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    Sounds good to me. I'll be there for Scholo tomorrow :)
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    Great run last night!

    Looking forward to LBRS tonight.
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