Great Live Strat run last night

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    A very fun strat run last night, where our only healing was BC's healthstones and my jumper cables... only had one complete wipe that was pretty early on (although there were several very near ones, including one on the third group of undead cause some noob started to eat while standing too close to them *cough*). The few deaths we had just walked back into the instance and got summoned back to the group. Once we got to the Scarlet Crusade bozos things went smoother, with 2 saps plus sheep giving us excellent crowd control.

    Participants were me, Kur, Peloriwang, Moridin, and BlackCat. Three orbs dropped for us, and I even got my Shadowcraft shoulders! So now I need a LBRS run or two to get enough ogre beads, and then a BRD run for the 5v5 arena fight.
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    We don't need no steenking priests!
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    Hey! I resemble that!

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