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    I offered to drop armorsmithing from my warrior (Suxorian) to do jewelcrafting for the guild.

    From what I understand, I will be needing ore to raise my skill.

    Kalli and I were talking about it, and we stumbled upon an idea.

    If you are working on any mining for your mains or alt and you don't really need it - make yourself an 'ore bank' toon.

    That way - once the expansion comes out - we can get some nice things relatively quickly.
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    Please don't drop Armorsmithing. I still need Dark Iron crap made. :) Plus there will be new patterns in the expansion for socketed items. I don't know of any other active Armorsmiths in the guild. If you do intend on playing Suxorian from 60-70, there will be BOP armorsmith crafted armour that will be quite good, I hear.

    I'm sure there will be people leveling a Blood Elf that will take up jewelcrafting, or other people with less useful skills that can drop them. For example, if I remember correctly both Groutous and Linnae are Tailors, and Groutous already mines so that seems like a better fit.
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    Aye, DL, you're the only smith we've got worth a damn. Thorium Armor and mithril weapons are the best I can pump out :)
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    Hey Mori, did you take Armorsmithing or Weponsmithing? How are you with the Dark irons? If you need any dust, I have a metric assload I could give ya to get your rep up.

    Show up a little more, miss ya! :D
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    I went weaponsmith since DL was already well on his way to being an uber armorsmith. I got all my dark iron residue turnins done, now I'm on to bars. Don't think I've turned any in yet :)

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