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    Heya Clan Plaid

    For those of you who have not yet realized I have quit WoW completely and cold turkey. I have some Real World issues that I need to take care of. These have become apparent to me thanks to friends and myself taking a step back. So I have Deleted ALL my characters, DE'd all my crap, sold all my stuff and gave it all away.

    Two of the larger, but neither the largest, issues that I have noticed.
    My Graduate Thesis is moving way to slow.
    My boomerang throwing dropped severely (from about twice a week to about twice all season)

    ...and no GF aggro is not the reason. She actually enjoyed hearing all the voices on Vent during raids and didn't mind when I played (she'd just read.)

    I have greatly enjoyed my time with Clan Plaid in WoW. Don't forget I'm still a CP'er and maybe I'll be back one day! I'll tryto get on HL more often though.

    Much Love,
    Justin (aka. Vragak)
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    Sorry to see you go Vrag - but I'm happy to see that you are doing what's best for you.
    Your thesis won't write itself - it's much more important that you get that thing done!
    It's too bad you weren't able to keep up with your boomeranging(is that a word?). Now you have to win some tourneys!

    We didn't lose you - we're actually getting the real YOU back !
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    Wow. That's pretty drastic. I would have just cancelled my account and let my characters sit in storage. :)

    Then again, I'm a pack-rat at heart and have difficulty throwing anything out. Good for you doing what's best for you.

    Good luck!
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    FC... I've done the let them sit there thing before... it does not work. you come back too easily.

    5 minute distraction to say hi turns into running scholo... turns into MC... you see what I mean. Hard enough focusing with the GF and the Xbox360 etc...

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