Back to Alliance for me.

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    Since the new servers that just started yesterday are PST, I'm taking this opportunity to shift to them full time on the Alliance side. 8 or 9 months of Hordeing (including my time on Sen'jin) has been quite enough for me.

    The only raids that remotely interest me are the 20 mans. Now that Blighted is requiring bids for epics that drop in ZG & AQ, and at the same time effectively giving no DKP for those runs, it's not worth it for me. Not to mention that their raid times are smack dab in the middle of dinner time for me. I still enjoy the 5 & 10 man stuff far more, and I don't see CP doing that in any group fashion whenever I've been on.

    So... off to the new PST servers! I'll be splitting my time between Echo Isles, Blackwater Raiders and Vashj (Horde side for the PVP server, since I still have my high level PVP alliance characters). I'll also probably be spending some time with my priest Kes on Malfurion.

    If/when Blizzard deigns to let contest winners into their beta test, I'll be spending time with that. If that doesn't happen pretty soon, I don't think I'll be bothering with BC. I'm already more than a little peeved about getting passed up for beta testing by certain raiding guilds that got special invites over the past few weeks.

    Cya 'round.
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    Good luck on the new server. I can sympathize with the need for smaller group stuff (still need UBRS and live strat, although its mostly my own scheduling problems preventing those from happening. We did have an all-CP Baron 45 that was teh sheezy.) I've been playing lowbie alts a lot lately and having fun with it.

    But if you want small group stuff, I would think you would be all over the expansion... lots of new 5-man dungeons available.

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    After sniffing around the new servers a bit (Echo Isles, Blackwater Raiders and Vashj), I've settled on Echo Isles, the PVE realm, for the time being. I've kicked off 3 characters so far: Kew, a gnome warlock; Kei, a dwarf priest, and Ket, an elf hunter. I have a bunch of other characters too, of course, but I'm focusing on those three for the time being--primarily the hunter Ket, which I plan on using to fund the rest.

    Look me up if you decide to Alliancize on Echo Isles!
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