Guild: Okasu, Verdict: Disbanded

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    Hiroo is the main Raid leader i've done stuff with but after 2 Scholo. and 1 LBRS runs I'm giving them my stamp of approval
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    He cracks the whip, but he knows his shit. He's a good guy to play with, and so far, all the Okasu people have been cool.
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    And Hiroo's funny too:
    I'm in lowbie land with my warrior alt, and I run by some druid and he says: "I'm better than Kallikan". Low and behold, it's Hiroom, Hiroo's alt. :)
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    Xet, Kalli and I did a Strat raid with Hiroo and company, and had a great time. We were all feeling silly, and for a few minutes one of theirs "joined" Clan Plaid just to freak the other Okasu's out. They'd were whispering about having CP join their guild, but we told them we loved ours, and that Okasu and CP should do high level raids together.

    Good stuff.
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    I like how he mentions us in one of his posts.
    and i quote:
    "As for when we're attempting ZG/MC/BWL. ZG is slated in a couple of weeks pending some number issues. We like to drag ***Clan Plaid*** along with us through some places when we are a bit shy on numbers so it may be sooner. MC and BWL are lower priority than ZG but are on our list just pending expansion of our roster."

    I added the *'s for show.
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    Well, that was nice they mentioned us. I was dismayed, however, to see the "Macs suck" stuff. Come on -- that is sooooo tired.

    But thankfully, that is irrelevant inside WoW. It just lowers my impression of their maturity level a lot.
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    FYI: Hiroo, L60 Shammie, who was the most active Okasu in having CP'ers join them is no longer with Okasu.

    I know in talking with some other Okasu people that this may be the beginning of the end for Okasu, I have left an open invite to a few of them, Tarmish, Ellagra, Suian, & Khory who I spent a night Instancing with (LBRS, DM: North Tribute, DM: West 1 boss) and will chat with them tonight a bit if i get the chance and see if i can get any info about the status of Okasu and see if I can't get some of them in the CP world.

    More 60's = closer to running ZG and not dying on the first pull!

    ::EDIT:: In my random forum trolling i went to Vis-Invictus (sp?) forum and saw Hiroo applied there and that Okasu was disbanded. If anyone reads this and gets on WoW soon I suggest trying to grab some of them.

    ::EDIT 2:: During my lunch break I VNC'ed to my home PC, booted up WoW, and sent Tarmish a mail message asking what was up with Okasu and inviting them along for the ride. It'd be good times if we could snag Tarmish (warr), Ellagra (Healie Druid), Suian (mage) and Khory (shammie) at least.They are good people.
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