Blighted - A New Alliance Is Born

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    I had a talk with Steadymobn, Sicarri refugee and all-around nice warrior type dude, last night. He has given me the go-ahead to invite all Clan Plaid members who are interested to sign up for the blighted raids at:

    Yes, they use a dkp system. (Sorry carch) Though I think dkp systems in general suck, and I would prefer a Shroud-type system, the rules they've set up are far and away MUCH superior to Sicarri's old DKP System.

    They have capped points at 250, so point hoarding and associated drama with that is eliminated. They also use a system which I saw used back on Stormscale which I very much liked, where you win the bid by one point over the SECOND highest bid. This prevents over-inflating the bids.

    In short, they've done their best to set up a fair system to get loot distributed evenly. A quick scan of their member list reveals a bunch of people I've gotten to know and respect. I've signed up for some raids this week, I guess I'll see how much they have their crap together and how smoothly the run goes. :)

    EDIT: Whisper Xanthium or Ancalagon after you sign up to activate your account.
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    I have rolled with them a bit and love it. Have tons of free time this week and am going to ZG with them Wed and Thur nights. and MC Fri Sat and Sun!

    Their DKP system is much better than sicarri's.

    Take up this alliances!
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    Easily the most painless DKP system available. They know what they're doing, and they're *nice*.
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