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    Hey, since Sen'jin bit the dust today (will it be coming back? is the data irretrievable? WHO KNOWS?!) I thought I'd drop by and say HI!

    I got my 2nd 60 on Sen'jin now, a warrior named Kuu. My hunter Kuz is still around farming stuff, but as all level 60 hunters know, life is rough as a level 60 hunter. Great up until 60, but sucky thereafter.

    I disbanded my guild, Lambda Lambda Lambda (10 points for whoever gets that), and joined forces with a great group of guys called the Undead Brotherhood. Last night, through various friends, my warrior got invited to Molten Core, and I got to Main Tank it all the way up to Lucifron! We wiped madly there, as it a) wasn't a full raid, b) had only 2 warriors, and c) lost about 4 healers 10 minutes before we reached Luci. Oh well :) It was HUGELY fun. And as an added bonus, one of the core hounds dropped Might bracers, and I lucked out and beat the other warrior for the roll (pseudo-pickup run, so no DKP goin on).

    I've finally seen the insides of a lot of the endgame 5-mans, but still haven't made it very far into Scholomance or Zul Gurub.

    On a personal note, I've applied for Social Security disability, as my health issues have prevented me from working for over a year now. Sucks, but I am making progress at least, on getting back into a place of my own and starting my life over.

    Now time to level up some Staghelm characters and maybe get into some endgame stuff with you guys ...
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    what about Omega Mu?

    and hope all works out for you Carch.

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