Vragak says goodbye. Account Cancelled.

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    Clan Plaid,

    Well, I've been playing this fun game since beta and I have had a live connection since day 1. It all comes to an end as I have cancelled my account. I have always paid via 3-month increments and my final playable day is on 5/31/2006.

    What has changed in the past few months to make this come to fruition. Well the new job is more stressful so when I'm home I enjoy more relaxing things in my video game world. So sitting around on a L60 hunter not getting raids is not my cup of tea. Also, The deal I have set up for my internet in my new place puts my wifi hotspot two floors below me. This as you could obviously guess gives me a very flaky connection, with speeds between no connection and really fast. So even when I do get an instance I D/C a lot.

    I have greatly enjoyed my time hanging out with all of you on Stormscale and then on Staghelm, and in CPHL. Unfortunately as work keep me too busy to VNC and CPHL really, and I suck at checking the CP forums, this porlly means that you all will see me very little anymore.

    For those intrested, here is electornic contact info:
    E-mail: Justin@JRBeaudry.com
    AOL IM: Boudge3036
    MSN: Jball3036@hotmail.com

    For Fun and Honor,
    Justin aka Vragak, Senj, Olandren, Suitala
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    Sad to see you go, I hope circumstances conspire to bring you back some day. Hang out on hotline once in a while, wouldja?
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