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    Well, I made a decision to /gquit from the WoW guild and join up with Reawaken. As a group of friends, this is a fantastic guild. As a WoW guild, it simply lacks members and direction.

    My plans are to play Garu until I hit whatever PVP rank I top out at (13 or 14 at this point), and then to play my alts outside of raid time. My alts will remain in Clan Plaid and so we can definately play that way, or feel free to ask Garu for anything you need. I'm still happy doing anything profession based for y'all and anything else like that. I'll run instances, too, if it's not raid o'clock or I'm not PVPing.

    I hope nobody takes this decision personally.

    Also, I've joined the chat channel ClanPlaid and so you can talk with me in there any time you want. Please add me to your friends lists to keep tabs on me.

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    Oh well, you gotta do what you gotta do. I understand where you're coming from. It's been kinda frustrating for me to watch people slowly disappear as I got closer to 60. We're going to need some new blood if we don't want to slowly fade away...
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    Too bad, I've just made agreements with Filthy Horde and Council of Elders for Clan Plaid to run raids with em.

    Last night we had 7 #CP# and 11 Filthy's and a couple others running Zul Gurub. Too bad we were still noobish and sucked. :)

    Did take down the snake boss and Mendicant got a nice ring tho...
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    I feel your pain Garu. The times that I am on mostly do not jive with most evreyone else in CP. Therefore, I run around doing solo stuff. Now that I'm 60- I am stuck - because I HAVE to do instances - but lack the team-mates.

    I've done some running with a few guys from Gods of Myth. They were asking me to join them and bring the rest of CP along.

    So, now I have found the allure of BG's. What else can I do by myself?

    As a side note - my online times will have me grouping up with dorky kids. Which turns out to be more frustrating than fun. Who else is on at 4 pm??

    Regardless - no offense taken.
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    Sorry to see you go Garu but I understand the reasons.

    As for me I have a 60 rogue on Llane that's been in a raiding guild since October (currently in BWL). So that more or less satisfies my need for serious endgame raiding since I'm more interesting in seeing endgame stuff than farming it hardcore for loot.

    That means I'm pretty much up for whatever you guys want to do with CP here on staghelm. I can't see myself leaving for another guild. If we decide to merge, form alliances, whatever, they're all fine with me.
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    If we decide to merge, form alliances, whatever, they're all fine with me.
    Speaking of... I shall make a new post, presently!
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