Need for a WoW night?

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    This is just a post to ask if we need to start making a WoW night for CP where people with 60s know to try to log on if they are able, and we can get instances running? There've been so few 60s lately, that I've only done PvP stuff with Garu and played one of my infinite # of alts the rest of the time.

    We've got a handful of people in their 40s and even some in their 50s starting to be able to run end-game instances. Even some of the people at 60 (Garu included) need to get geared up better...


    If this is a good idea, I vote for Wednesdays or something.

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    Wed. is good for me... and hopefully Senj will be 60 soon to alleviate the priest issue...

    til then Vrag is the best hunter for the job!
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