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    Hey ho!

    So the new 1.9 patch brings a guild info button to the guild pane. Sweet.

    Therefore, let's not pollute the message of the day with such drudgery as the website address, current Gizmo phone number and crap like that. If people need to know the gizmo number, they aren't going to relog, they have to open the guild pane anyways so...

    Let's use the Message of the Day for oh... I dunno... actual messages that are of general interest and daily relevance?

    Stuff like:

    Let's grind Silithus tonight!
    ZG run this weekend!
    Happy Birthday Vrag!
    Lowbies are going to Wailing Caverns!

    Your benevolent dictator,
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    Great work with the MOTD messages.

    Just an FYI... the happy birthday vrag message should be up from about July 13th - July 15th for optimal results.

    The Management
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