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    Hey all,

    Not that this is all that important, or will even end up being true but just an FYI. Starting Jan. 9th I will be back into the rigors of grad school again. I only had one class last semester and in such it did not cut into my playing time at all (the class was a joke anyways.) This semester I am taking three classes. Mon & Tues from 6-9pm. These will obviously hurt play time as it is during my normal playtime. The third class is the kick in the bum, Saturday 9am-12pm (noon) this class hurts my play time in 2 ways, #1 Friday nights are no longer play til my eyes bleed nights. #2 early starts on longish goals (ie ZG if and when...) are much harder. Thankfully I am in the East Coast so my mid day is morning for a lot of you. Also, affecting playtime: New position at work, I started the new job in mid Dec. and it will be starting to get really rolling fairly soon. Also, this job involves travel so that may mean playing from hotel connections on a not so great laptop. Stress and classwork will add up also and possibly cut into playing time as well.

    In anycase, I just wanted to shoot out a warning that I'm very busy and my playtime will be significantly reduced most likely. Yes it was very reduced the past two weeks during holidays... but that was because I poured about 80 hours into Dragon Quest VIII and whupped it real good!

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