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    Recently I've taken to naming my characters with 3 letter names starting with 'Ke" on the Alliance side, and "Ku" on the Horde side.

    I am He of the Many Alts -- have played every class & race at least once to 20, a few to 40 and a couple past 50. Haven't levelled a character to 60 yet, in a year of playing!

    On Staghelm, I have:

    Kur - F Undead Rogue
    Kub - F Orc Hunter
    Marburg - M Undead Priest
    Igneous - M Undead Mage I made to play with my brother (who has limited WoW time, but wants to join us, too)

    On Alleria, I formed the guild Hordeling (mostly for my own alts):
    Kub - 40 M Orc Shaman
    Kun - 30 F Tauren Hunter
    Kuj - 25 M Undead Mage
    Kzu - 22 M Troll Priest

    I joined Penny Arcade (Knights of Arcadia) on Dark Iron until I got sick of the PVP BS there. I've since been booted from the guild for inactivity.
    Keu - 45 F Elf Druid
    Dab - 23 F Dwarf Hunter

    I spent a little time on a couple of the realms that started at the beginning of the year. I formed a guild called "Mighty Mighty Noobs" on one server, and levelled a couple of characters past 20, but got interested in the potential for decent PVP with the Penny Arcade guilds (too bad that didn't pan out).

    I also played with Plaid on the Stormscale PVP server until I got sick of the PVP bs there, too :)
    Keu - 52 F Elf Druid
    Kaf - 52 F Dwarf Paladin
    Ked - 44 M Human Rogue
    Khe - 23 M Elf Hunter
    Kem - 17 M Human Mage
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