Guild: Clan Plaid Verdict: Man these guys suck

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    I was partied with some guys from Clan Plaid today... they were Ninja Looting, they were Leeroy Jenkins wiping us just for "fun and honor" what the heck is honorable about a wipe!

    I'm not gonna name names but there was one Shaman i was with, who kept pulling TONS of aggro... and I think he fell asleep in the instance.

    Another one, a 'lock, was pretty good but kept making references to how the "Baron" was going to "drop his pants" I don't want to know what that means.

    Oh yeah and there was this Priest... who kept complaining about low DPS now that he wasn't Shadow Spec.

    Yeah, so be on the look out for these Ninjas!

    (obviously a joke we rock the party like no one else can)
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