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    I want a mod to show locations of veins on the world map.

    Where do I get it - what's it called?

    Any other mods you think might be 'manditory'?

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    Well, the one for mining nodes isn't quite what you'd think. The one most people use is Gatherer. It keeps track of nodes you've come across in the past. It does not have divine knowledge of locations you have not tried mining. (Note: even if you lack the skill to mine a certain node, take a whack at it and Gatherer will record its location for future mining opportunities.) Get it here.

    The other mostly essential one is Auctioneer (and the ones that come/work with it). Get it here.

    The only other addon I really like is TitanPanel. It can be found at the same broad UI site as Gatherer. It adds a panel accross the top of your screen with some helpful info. There are many plugins to it that add even more info.

    Hope those help. Others may have drastically different opinions.
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    Garu posted a few very handy mods, gatherer is essential for those who gather. :) I'll post some of the most useful ones I use too.

    I'm a big fan of the Gazmik Fizzwidget mods. They're well written bloat-free mods that do one specific unique thing very well. As a miner, you may be interested in this one, to tell you where you can discover particular gems:

    I also use autocraft, so I can queue up a whack of things to craft and do something else in the meantime :)

    And this one is essential for the n00b Auction House shopper so he doesn't get taken in by those unsavory folks that like to buy recipes at vendors and resell them at a profit (guilty as charged):

    Atlas is essential if you're dungeon-delving and get lost:

    As a warrior, a mod like this is handy to ensure that you're doing your job properly. :)

    If you haven't downloaded GuildAds yet, you simply must! MUST!

    Although you're probably not high enough level to really need it, some day you may find you have several different kinds of armor/weapons for different situations, or say a fishing outfit, so you will be needing ItemRack:

    And finally, although this mod hasn't been maintained in a while, and there is some functional overlap with ItemRack, as far as I know no other mod does weapon swapping as well as this one. As you gain different stances and more weapons you may want this combo:

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    OH! Almost forgot.

    I can't play WoW without this mod. It's the one I install first:
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    As you can see by Fire "The WoW Add-On Junkie" Chief there are tons out there.

    For your own sanity, do not add 12548 add-ons into your game at the same time! Take them in small chunks, learn how mods work a bit first, then dive in head first after your comfortable.

    I myself use, Titan Panel, CTMod, CTRaidAssist (imho a necessity for 20 & 40 man groups in High End Instances ZG/MC/Ony/BWL...), Scrolling Combat Text (SCT), Fizzwidget's Hunter Helper, Fizzwidget's AdSPace, Auctioneer, Combat Sentry Gizmo (helps in WSG and AB),
    and... the most needed, necessary have this or your gameplay experience and fun level are dropped by at least 90%


    you can find all these either at World of War .net or Curse Gaming (links on main page)
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    Thanks guys!
    I've been too busy playing to check the boards since I first wrote this. =)
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