Guild: Sicarri Verdict: Yet Another Victim of Drama

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    As I was levelling up, one of the first really cool guilds I encountered was Sicarri. I recently ran across their website so decided this would be a good time to post.

    You can see by reading their website, they have a very similar attitude to the game that we do. Lore, Euthanasia, Mizchief, Lifewater, Bess, Khazzak... good bunch of folks.
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    I've recently joined them a couple times in ZG, a good guild and skilled (tho we couldn't beat the tiger boss). most of them have moved away from pvp, even ferd who recently joined them. and are focusing on pve with regular ZG runs and MC and they should soon have enough tranq shots to do mag. My main point is that they are willing to bring some of us along on these raids if we are on at the time and available.
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    As we all know, Sicarri is no more.
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