Vragak hit 60... what now?

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    Ok guys, please read my BIG PLAN, and comment about what you think.

    After finishing up the 5 man Scholo, BRD, Strat, BRS runs (or possibly before) to make myself more useful in end-game instances, more DPS from ranged since pet is more a get-that-mob-off-the-priest object than extra DPS.

    I plan to re-spec like so.
    11 BM / 31 MM / 9 SV
    Note the 1 point in Bestial Swiftness instead of going 5 in wing clip is that fast pet = good for runner survival (and some PvP fun)

    Cat ("Mader") - PvP pet. Dash 3, Prowl 3 & Fire, Arcane, Frost resists then extra armor / health.
    Turtle #1 ("Toby") - Main Defense Pet, Growl, Shell Shield Rank ? (after 1.9) Max Armor buff, Max stam buff.
    Turtle #2 (not yet named) - Magic Defense pet, Growl, SHell Shield rank ? (after 1.9), Max 'magic' Resist (spec as needper instance: Fire = MC, Shadow = Strath...)

    I know most, if not all, of you have faith in me in knowing what to do as a Hunter. but I wanted to get some input as to what ya'll thought.
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    Increased Attack Power makes me all warm and fuzzy inside.
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    Is that your way of saying "RE-SPEC NOW VRAG! ~Chief" ?
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