Helping the lowbies... to have fun too

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    Although it's obvious to many, my personal CP WoW philosophy, which is shared by many if not all of us, is to always help the lowbies level up. That's easy enough to, when people are close in levels.

    Since the latest influx of new guildies, there are a lot of lower level characters now. And, because the lower levels tend to level faster, they boecome more spread out in level range. Although we're all happy to twink a little, and lend a hand too, there's simply no way Mori's lvl 19 warrior, Patro's lvl 30-ish rogue, and my lvl 60 Warlock are going to quest together.

    So, I'd like to make a plea to the higher level people to try and help the lowbies have more in-game _fun_, by firing up those alts, and questing _with_ them. Hopefully, the lowbies can clump with each other when possible, but its always a question of "critical mass". By firing up the alts, more of us have more fun together, and those "lowbies" get closer to high level characters faster, etc etc, win-win.

    --Black Cat
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    What I could really use is a group willing to run me through Gnomeregan to get those sexxxy Triprunner Dungarees.
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    Hey, I try to help, but there are so many of them that I get kicked out of groups to help! ;-)

    I wish I could help from where I'll be going next week, sorry duders =(

    I'll see if I can install the game on my mother in laws machine, I'm sure that'll go over GREAT! =-)
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    Well, I have a lvl 18 mage who I'm totally happy to log into to quest with people. I suck with her, but that's beside the point. I'll be even more willing to log into her when Garu hits 58 (I really want to be able to wear my PvP armour!). I'm also just as happy running people through dungeons to get them phat lewt.
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    I enjoy helping whenever I can. I'll make Leather for anyone, send me an in game mail with req. please. I enjoy farming instances, ie. L50 run through SFK to get Para a dagger. (Patro lets hook up we'll get you through Gnomer!)

    I agree with BC though. I have an L25 alt which i won't touch again until I hit 60 on my hunter. Though I plan on rolling a rogue (mining/SKinning) as an alt to help with a lot of stuff, Mning supplies, Leather supplies, questing when I am around and all that super stuff.

    In then end think of me as Vragak, the crazy sailor marine who wants to kill a lot of stuff in an instance so you can get your BoP item =]
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    Hey all. Just wanted to say i appreciate the effort of hanging w/ us newbies. It was alot of fun last night and I look forward to the next time.

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    Yeah, it was fun. Good to do some chatting and gaming w/Zanswa (Charon) too. With newly added Ike, Soylent Green #CP#V, and possibly Da Big Orc #CP#W, we'll have even more lowbies. Hell, I'm going to have to start _another_ alt soon. :-P
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