Just talked to Conner, and hear that you guys are still around, in some form or another. Wanted to stop by; some of you may remember this old FoP.

I see some of you played (or still play?) WoW a bunch. That's somewhat relevant to me, as I'm a class designer on it. You guys still play?

-Chadd Nervig
aka Astro the Space Duck
aka Celestalon


  • Oh! And would love to meet up with any of ya at BlizzCon!
  • Hailz Astro...
    Long time no see! Glad you stopped by! I don't play WoW, but I'm a lvl55 Gunslinger on SWTOR...Names Sam_Fargo. If you play, look me up.

    Why is it that Plaid or Friends of Plaid always have a way of being involved in the inner workings of the gaming community? Must be that who World Domination thing...

    Take Care and Check Six!
  • Some of us still play. I hop on pretty rarely these days, but there's still a very active CP guild on Staghelm. Pretty sure there are several folks who attend BlizzCon as well, but I don't think any of the "old guard" CP do.

    Oh, and Warriors should have 3000% block. It's canon, it says they have it in, uh, one of the novels, I forget which one, don't worry about that, just put it in.
  • "waves fingers around mysteriously..."

    "this is the Block you are looking for...add it in...add it in..."

  • Heh. I'll hop on Staghelm and try to catch a ginvite. Anyone I should watch for?
  • Odds are good someone that can invite will be around on any weeknight, but Wednesdays are probably the best bet as that's raid night. Officers that can invite and are likely to be online are Garumako, Xetasi (Fire Chief), Mendicant (The Deacon), Kallikan, Dharklord. I think Carch is on again these days but his alts probably make up 50% of all WoW characters, so good luck identifying him :)
  • Holy balls, little astro grew up to be celestalon. That's amazing. Feel free to friend me since I'm always logged into that. Deacon#1625.

    Big fan of your tweets, and excited for WoD.
  • I don't play WoW (and never have if you can believe it) but I wanna say congrats mate, always good to hear an old friend made an impact in the industry.
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