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Heya everyone, I wanted to stop in and say hi. I don't do message boards too much but for those of you who see me in game, I may not have had a chance to introduce myself. My name is Steve and I am active duty Navy. I have recently been promoted to Chief Petty Officer. I came to WoW and to CP through one of your old guildies you all may know as Trufflepig. I know him as Dave. Dave is a relatively quiet and self reserved individual. He and I were both E6s and met onboard the USS JOHN S. McCAIN homeported in Yokosuka Japan. I was doing an unaccompanied tour there...that means, without my family members. The Navy says people who do tours without there family do it by choice and as such give up their right for lodging. So I had to live on the ship. Dave was kind enough to offer me a place to crash and play WoW while the ship was in homeport. We developed a good friendship and one I hope to keep over the years. I just got back to the states and am stationed at US Strategic Command, Offutt AFB Nebraska. I have three children, Emily, Hannah and Logan. I just built a rocking PC and am ready to WoW hard! I will be on a lot unless it is my weekend with the kids.

As far as WoW goes, I am not too bright. Dave helped me work up Whyenone to level 80 fast so we could group and I learned a lot. But as we hit our major deplyment period and Dave left WoW on return, I canceled my account as well. So not only was I green when I started, I am more so now with all the changes. So as I talk to you and something I say screams NOOB, it is true, I am. But I do know what love is. I went on line and did some research on shadow and discipline sets and have a build done and have run through heroics as both. Healing is too busy for me and I tend to watch player bars too much and end up standing in crap and not moving when I should so...I don't like it but will do it if we need. I prefer shadow and no one has complained yet that I am doing something wrong. Feel free to holla at me in game. See you all around :)


  • Howdy Whyen!

    It's always nice to learn more about the folks we play with. I recommend you head to wow.clanplaid.net (not www.) where we've got more WoW-oriented discussion. This discussion board is generally used by the CP members who DON'T play WoW (CP is over 10 years old and started with the game Myth!), but we're getting more and more WoWers on the other board.

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