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Falken and I started playing Demigod when they had a 50% off sale on the $40 game. So far it has been worth every penny and is the closest thing I have seen in some time to Myth.

Has anyone else tried it?

I suggest getting the demo and playing around some. It has a fair amount of solo play value and you can play online before deciding to purchase. The game is not without its flaws but I think it would be a great gathering game.


  • After seeing it at the gathering and playing the demo a bit, I think I'll be picking up a copy before too long. Any discounts floating around? $20 is very reasonable but if there's a referral bonus or something similar I'm all for that.
  • I will definitely let everyone know when there is a discount. Every few months they provide a nice discount (50% or more off). Both Falken and I look forward to having a CP Demigod night.
  • If there's a discount for purchasing more than one copy at the same time I'll jump in on that Deac.
  • now you all have my interest perked. I'm downloading the demo
  • Based on my time with the demo i'm kinda confused. It seems like when I press buttons that say they do stuff, nothing happens. However, it was still fun. if it goes discount let me know I'll pick it up.
  • Demigod is on sale just in time for the MWG! $5.99 to get this fun game and play!
  • Once again Demigod is on sale for $5 - this remains one of the few games that has a lot of replay potential and is especially fun for team games.

    If you haven't already bit the bullet and play at the next gathering or online whenever.
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