Once you wear the Plaid...

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...it is in your blood forever.

Hail #CP#!

It is hard to believe it was nearly 10 years ago when the first CP Gathering was held at my place in Tahoe.
I was so thrilled to see the pics from the recent ECG- incredible you guys haven't missed a beat!
Gonna give a brief rundown on what I have been up to the last 4-5 years for those who care

- Majority of the time has been spent raising my 3 boys - Perrin 12, Tristan 8 and Griffen 8 months
- If I am not being dad, I am working as Director of Operations for a well-known Software company. Traveling alot.
- Been managing a chronic illness
- I have tried several times over last few years to find #CP# in one game or another w/o any luck
- My gaming is mostly on the Wii/360/PS2 with my boys
- I still love Shadowbane (can't get enough open pvp and sieging. Played closed beta, then on and off last 5 years- the game re-launched a month ago with new servers)

I miss you guys and suspect you might find me hanging out around here a bit more- do people still hang on CPHL? Vent?
Is there a game most are playing? Going to play Age of Conan?

Hope everyone is doing well!

Ven Jance #CP#V


  • Hail VJ! Looks like things are busy in your neck of the woods - some things never change...

    A dozen or so plaid hang out on CPHL daily, with a few others popping on here and there, swing my anytime you feel like slack... er, chatting (:

    A number of Plaid got sucked into WoW - some others are playing on xbox live and such. Eph and a few others even play Myth on occasion. I personally find time for some Wii but little else, there are some plaid that try more or less any game that comes out, so I'm sure some are going to be playing Age of Conan.

    Gatherings are still happening, though there's not been a WCG since 2005 ... but there *will* be one this year one way or another - so keep your eyes out for that.

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