East Coast Gathering Picts

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hey all,

if everyone (including the non-plaid there) can upload any picts to the ECG X Picts Dropbox on cphl so others can snag em - that would be super duper... I'll be u/l'n mine in a bit including the short video of Garu singing Enter Sandman ... good times! (:

- note, make a folder for your picts inside the ECG X drop box folder, with 'drop box' in the name, that way everyone can u/l and d/l in it. If you can't make a folder, ask someone that can do do so.



  • I have stickified Infininight's gathering pages post.

    I'll get it integrated with cp.net sometime, but first I have to catch up with work stuff that came in when I was gone.
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    the password that Inf has posted doesn't seem to work - at least for me... hmmm.

    anyway, website is good, I'll toss em up there as well, mine are mostly up on HL now.
  • Don't worry about uploading them to the website, I can do it via FTP which will be a ton faster. However I do want people to login and name/caption the pictures. :)


    Login: cp
    Password: funandhonor

    Just tested it, should work.
  • ok, Bullseye couldn't see inside the drop boxes, so I renamed and moved things around. They are in Uploads, Picture Uploads now.

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