Players on LLANE?

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I remember at the last ECG there was someone who played on LLANE.
Anyone want to elaborate on who that was?


  • I've got a few toons on Staghelm on the Horde side, and then a few on Llane on the Ally side.
    Vakkos is my main, he's a hunter. I've only been playing on Llane for a few weeks now.
    How far along is your guild? The guild I'm in is a bit selfish. They base everything they do
    around their officers and guild leader. If I want to do something, it's no. If their low level
    toon needs help they get it. So it's a crap sorta guild.
  • Can't say I know of anyone on Llane, but our Staghelm crew is progressing through SSC and TK. We have Gruul, Mag, Hydross (kinda), Lurker, A'lar, Void Reaver, Solarian, Doomwalker and Kazzak down. And there's plenty of help for those who need some.
  • What server is it that Yee plays his rogue on? Was that Llane?
  • Hmm can you guys not see my response from Jan. 24 above?

    "That was me, Falken (Yee on staghelm, Alaras on Llane). Are you alliance or horde there? I'm the rogue officer for Fahrenheit on the alliance side."
  • Nope, doesn't show up. Weird.
  • I can shed some light on this.

    You whispered to Seifer. :)

    Only he can see it. (and those with administrative privs.)
  • You sure it isn't that he said Mukow in his post?
  • Ah that would explain it, that post does show up with a slightly different color in the thread for me. And I guess it does say "to Seifer" next to my name on the post. oops!
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