Excuse me, some help please? :P

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Hey guys I was thinking about getting myself a little Christmas present this year.
I really wanna get back into WoW but with this whole issue their having with the
ATI X1300 256mb PCI card, it makes WoW unplayable at 5-10fps on low settings.

So can anyone recommend a decent PCI card for under 100 bucks as I don't think
I could bring myself to spend anymore then 100 on myself and waste money I
could be spending on the kids. Thanks guys.


  • I've moved to the X/360 for most of my entertainment goodness, but if you give it time (people on vacation and such) I'm sure someone will bop by and recommend something.

    Off to more F.E.A.R. :)
  • PCI you say?

    Your problem may not be the card so much as the rest of your system, if you're using PCI video cards for primary display. What kind of system are you trying to Frankenstein up here?

    Unless you're talking PCIe, in which case, a Radeon HD 2600 Pro is usually just under $100. Sometimes you can find Geforce 8600GTs for just under $100 too. Neither are fantastic cards, but both would be sufficient for WoW. Unless they're just having a lot of ATI problems, in which case you'd want to go with a Geforce.
  • Well I've got an Intel Celeron 2.9ghz processor with 1.5gb of RAM and an ATI X1300PRO 256MB DDR2 video card.
    I know it's not a gaming machine but I bought it 3 years ago before I got into PC gaming. My biggest cause for
    confusion is the fact that prior to the start of this year I had an ATI 9250 256MB card and was pushing 756MB of RAM.

    Back then WoW actually wasn't to bad. But with the introduction of the Burning Crusade I decided to up my specs
    a bit to give me a more comfortable experience. As so I bought another 512MB memory chip and the X1300.
    It ran fine up until April and then from there I took a small break. When I came back in July I noticed a decline in
    performance with the game and have yet been able to deceiver the problem.

    Maybe my video card has become obsolete with the newest updates to the game? I have no idea.
    One thing remains, with two kids I can't afford a new PC. So what are my options?
  • That video card is pci express from everything I can find on it, when was the last time that you upgraded your video drivers? I would start there because your system itself should run the game fairly well.
  • Each time WoW implements a new patch, it seems to be more demanding on everyone's computer.
    Mewanna has the right idea.
    Update your video drivers first.
    Get rid of all the excess programs that run in the background.
    Also, defrag your hard drive. If you have little space on your hard drive, or the spaces are scattered, this will slow things down too.
    Turn down your video setting details and distances.
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