2nd Expansion now official.

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    During the opening ceremonies of the BlizzCon event, it was revealed that the rumors of Northrend being the home of the next expansion. It is true.

    "Wrath of the Lich King"
    Point summary from what I can remeber

    -Level 80 cap
    -Profession: Inscriptions
    -Death Knight class.
    -New continent: Northrend
    and big shocker.
    -Interacting with 'Arthas'

    Joystiq liveblogging the event

    WoW Insider has some stuff too

    as well as plenty of other places you are capable of finding thanks to Google or search website of your choice.

    EDIT: Removed "Hero" from Death Knight Class... there was no mention of it being a hero class, just a new class.

    EDIT 2: Kotaku.com has a "Official Trailer" video up. Looks interesting. In it is says Hero Class Death Knight. Have fun doing your reseach.
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