Vragak Sightings

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    Yes you may have heard some people talking about Vragak sightings in the past week or so... so Let me just clear up the rumors... I am still around and have popped my head in every once in awhile. In fact last afternoon I helped Garu, Chaeoticmoon, Pastdue, and Treetugger in Black Morass (and I actually got 2 pieces of loot!

    I am planning on a possible come-back in late August/Early september time money and master's dependant.

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    Awesome! Come show our noob hunters all your tricks if you can. Mine's 30ish at the moment :)
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    And what a fun BM it was! I used my mage to kill the adds and boy is that interesting.
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    mmm... killing adds...
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    well. After last night's over heating fiasco, I have picked up a new cooler and some new thermal greases. Ordered with rush processing and overnight delivery, (This box also houses most of my master's work.) So hopefully I'll be up and running smooth again by saturday evening.

    Until then it is MAX on the AC in the window and a box fan blowing on the case.

    and while I was at the cool PC websites I splurged and got a new video card as well. hopefully after fixxing all these issues I should be able to raid with an FPS over 7. Now I Just need a team willing to pick up a hunter that can only go on week-days, until I convince the lady to let me raid on weekends but that is a tough task =)
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