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    There's a new UI mod available for arena players, called Proximo. It's by the same guy who maintains the excellent Scrolling Combat Text, so it should be good. A revision was just posted a day or two ago, so its still being actively worked on.


    Essentially it gives you an "enemy party" window, with name and class for the other team members , with live health and mana bars, as well as click-to-target capabilities. It gathers the name and class info when you mouseover them. Theres some limitations to the API that blizzard provides (for instance, once combat begins you cannot create a click-to-target frame for a player). If you get info on a player after combat starts, you can still get their health/mana, but you will not be able to click-to-target them. Fortunately Prooximo can also synch information between party members, so as long as one person mouses over them, everyone gets the target info. So, it would be advantageous if we all picked up the same mod.

    The other capability this mod makes easy is setting a focus target; just right click their name in the pane to set your focus target. This is something I haven't experimented with much, but seems like it could be really powerful. Focus target lets you cast spells at someone other than your current target. You can do this manually; I believe the syntax is:

    /focus Healbot

    Then you can have a macro like this

    /cast [target=focus] Counterspell

    That way you can keep an eye on whether Healbot is casting a healing spell, and with one button instantly counterspelling them without having to change your target. I am going to make two of these macros:

    /cast [target=focus] Blind
    /cast [target=focus] Deadly Throw

    The second one will not be so useful (since I need combo points to do it) but it will let me do something like gouge a healer (which gives me a combo point), then go back to providing white damage on another target, and then be able to interrupt their heals.
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